About us

Ellie & Sally are two teachers and Forest School Leaders who started Little Wild Nursery after running Forest School sessions in the area for 5 years. When they saw the site at Barn Elms Sports Trust it allowed them to further develop their love for learning in the outdoors and give pre-school children the opportunity to benefit from all Forest School has to offer.  They believe passionately in the Forest School ethos of education being child led in a natural setting.

Sally Taylor

Co-owner and Manager

Sally has a passion for Early Years and a love of nature. Having taught in Primary schools for 12 years Forest School training seemed like the perfect next step. Children learning outdoors develop greater independence, social skills and a rich vocabulary. Sally is DBS checked, first aid trained and a mum of two active children.

Katherine Cowpe

Nursery Assistant

DBS checked and 1st aid trained. Katherine worked as a primary school teacher for 12 years before retraining to be a Forest School leader a few years ago. She enjoys using everything that an outdoor environment can offer to enhance a young child's learning. 

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Ellie Wrigglesworth

Co-owner and Deputy Manager.

Ellie set up Little Wild Nursery to bring together her passions of teaching and the outdoors and believes strongly that children belong in their natural habitat! PE Teacher, expedition organiser, Forest School Leader, DBS checked, first aid trained, mum and lover of mud!

Hannah Morris

Nursery Assistant

Hannah was fortunate to grow up in the countryside and was able to spend many hours outside playing, which she not only enjoyed but looking back can see how lucky she was.  Hannah has been working with children for over 16 years and still loves it – children have a wonderful view on life and to share time with them is both precious and rewarding.

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​"My son has always enjoyed being outside from a young age and the forest school approach really suits his learning style. He can find it difficult to concentrate in a traditional nursery classroom, but when he is outside he seems to be much more motivated to complete tasks, and excited to tell me all about them when he comes home! He has also enjoyed learning about teamwork and the 'rules' about staying safe, taking pride in them rather than feeling constricted."

"Molly rushes out of a morning at Little Wild Nursery with rosy cheeks and dirty hands. She has normally made something fantastic from the nature around her and she is full of stories of campfires and woodland adventures.  I couldn´t be happier with my decision to send Molly here.  She is always so excited about going, whatever the weather!!"  

"Playing outdoors is something that most parents would say is their fondest memory of growing up but something that we do not necessarily provide for our own children. Yet even in London there are plenty of opportunities for children to explore the outdoors, especially where we live in Barnes. However I have found most nurseries only provide limited opportunities for outdoor activities, and as a working Mum I am not able to provide such outdoor experiences as much as I would like to. I was thrilled when I heard the Little Wild Nursery was due to open as we had been on a Wild Education course when my daughter was a toddler and we both loved the ethos, the staff and the range of activities, come rain or shine, which enabled us to enjoy the environment around us."

"My son Harry started at the Little Wild Nursery this term and he absolutely loves it! He really enjoys spending all his time outside, learning and playing in the woods. It's something that we feel is very important living in the city and we are delighted with how it is working out for him. He has learned many new skills and brought home lots of new ideas for his play which he simply wouldn't have had chance to do in a traditional setting. We are delighted with the nursery and look forward to lots more tales from the forest!"

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"From the moment Joshua started Little Wild Nursery he has adored it Inspiring,  harnessing and developing his adventurous spirit, love of the outdoors and thirst for learning, Little Wild Nursery is simply the best education a child can get!" 



"The variety of creative, educational and engaging activities and the support, time and attention that he gets really helps him to learn new skills, gain knowledge and socialise in this friendly, warm and safe environment.  At Little Wild Nursery my son is given the physical space and the mental freedom to be as nature intended, a child exploring the world, full of wonder and excitement of what the new day brings, always being his best and living the dream!"

"I would highly encourage any parent to send their child to Little Wild Nursery. It is a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual church hall/community-centre-based activities for this age group in London. They still follow the early years curriculum but in the most imaginative and resourceful of ways."

"The moment I heard of it, I signed my son up to Little Wild Nursery. For me, the benefit to kids of outdoor play and learning is grossly undervalued.  In the world we live in there is such a limited window where kids have the opportunity to explore and appreciate nature, be creative, problem solve and develop their sense of self - so to be able to combine this with his early years education is a privilege. Attending a forest school based nursery has greatly enriched and balanced my son's foundation years education  - I am looking forward to the time when my daughter can attend too! "

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