Forest School is an innovative, child led approach to outdoor play and learning. This ethos of outdoor learning started in Scandinavia and is growing in popularity in the UK. It is fun and unhurried.  It is focused on process not product.

Research shows that children generally learn more effectively in the outdoors, gain in confidence and self-esteem, are more balanced, more able to concentrate, show greater consideration to others, greater social capability and better coordination. They are learning in a pleasant, natural, fun and less stressful environment with a wealth of opportunities to suit all learning styles.

Children today have very scheduled lives, spend more time in front of screens and have less time and freedom to play than ever before.  The society in which they live is increasingly risk averse and less tolerant of children behaving like children!

Forest School allows children space and time to play, reconnect with nature and their environment, learn to take risks and have their own adventures.


We can’t enthuse enough about the benefits of getting our young people outdoors; having adventures, taking responsibility, learning how best to take risks, cooperate together, negotiate and compromise while stretching their legs and their imagination!

They will learn to use their initiative, solve problems, learn about and respect their environment and have enormous fun!

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